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The sexual policing of Megan Stammers: why Foucault was right

2012 September 26
by Zoe Strimpel

The obsession with the sexual choices of a 15 year old girl betray the Powers that Be's obsession with, and consquent promotion of, sex.

Michel Foucault, he of so many a social theorist’s wet dream, wrote a three-part book called the History of Sexuality. In the first one, which I am reading in advance of starting my Gender Studies MPhil, he argues that sex and sexuality is ferociously policed by various powers – legal, medical, juridical, and so on. That it is those institutions, the ones that seek/pretend to control, forbid and taboo-ify sex, that are actually perpetrating and making sex grow in practice and oddity, with their obsession with it.

The Americans do this more – poking the state nose into people’s consensual sex and private parts. But in the case of Megan Stammers, it can only be seen as an extremely dodgy, not to say prurient carriage of justice, that has led the sexual choices of a 15 year old straight onto every front page in Britain. I know, I know – there’s a LEGAL age for sex. But who are we kidding? 15 year old girls are horny, full of lust and capable of love – just ask Romeo and Juliet. Why it’s anyone’s business who she dates – especially when it’s no longer her teacher – is beyond me. They dated for seven months before running away – if he’d been a monster, she would probably have tried to get away from him, not run away with him.

Of course, the fact that he was her teacher has inevitably fueled the fireĀ  – there’s nothing the powers that be in society like to punish more than TEACHERS who have romances with students. Have these people never been students? Teachers can be extremely attractive and had I attracted the interest of, say, a particularly lovely and dishy maths teacher, I’d have probably been in seventh heaven, just like Megan Stammers. Who – judging from the looks of an average 15 year old male – probably finds her teacher hubby a good deal tastier than her peers. Everyone else is just jealous.

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  1. September 27, 2012

    When I read this yesterday (when Mumsnet tweeted it out) I was like OMG! It was a completely different take on the subject.

    But then I got to thinking.

    Then I was listening to the radio and from what they were saying about the French Police it would seem that they agree with you.

    You certainly gave me food for thought.

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